Establish 1919


It’s a relatively new brewery established in 1919. In 2000, they renovated the brewery and made the size of brewery smaller but 100% air-conditioned, so that they can brew the Sake throughout the year. Always improve the skill and deepen their style and only brew Junmai Sake.


We aim to produce the Sake which has roundish and a lot of Umami, but the finish is dry and sharp. It’s a never-ending journey; we are always trying to evolve ourselves and provide beautiful Sake.


・National Sake Appraisal of Japan Several times


We mainly use brewer's rice produced in Akita. Partially, we use the high-grade brewer's rice made in other areas.


Mt. Taihei is well-known as the softest water source in Akita prefecture. The water source is in the deep forest, so sometimes brewers happen to meet bears...


The brewery owner is the brewer master and commits to the quality of ingredients and hand-made. Carefully and time-consuming slow brewing is the Akita style. We stick with Akita style.


All brewer's rice, small quantity brewing, and only Junmai Sake are our policy.