Establish 1908


We locate in Araya, Akita, which is well-known as the birthplace of Sake brewing in Akita Pref. There are many wells, and spring water in this area and the quality of water is distinctive.

Around 1870, Sake brewing used to be very common due to its convenient location regarding logistics. The high-quality brewer’s rice was carried from everywhere in Akita Pref through Omono river.

There used to be 12 breweries, but currently, we are the last one in this area. Our mission is to inherit the tradition of this area and deliver the excellent Sake to more people.


We are trying to produce the crystal-clear Sake by making good use of the traditional tools and the latest tech, and by using 吟の精, Ginnosei the 2nd generation involved in its invention, and the hard water which is rare to Akita Pref.


・The Fine Sake Awards Japan 2018, Trophy in main category

・Gold Medal of U.S. National Sake Appraisal 2018

・Gold Medal of Japan National Sake Appraisal 2018


We mainly use 吟の精, Ginnosei the 2nd generation involved in its invention. It's suitable for producing Koji rice and reasonable so that we can make a lot of challenges.


On top of Sake, brewing of Miso, Soy sauce, and fish sauce used to be prosperous in this area.
The characteristic is merely the hard water, and it's suitable for dry Sake. To make the crystal-clear taste, we equip the water filtration plant and polish the water more.


``不易流行`` is our spirit. We use the wooden barrel, the traditional caldron, and so forth. At  the same as keeping the tradition, we are trying to take the latest tech in our style.


``和醸`` is our concept of brewing. Our brewmaster takes care of Sake as like his children. He touches the tanks and speaks to them gently.
His passion stimulates other brewers and generates the good teamwork for producing the soft and beautiful Sake.