Brewery Front Picture

Establish 1673


It’s established in Ono, Fukui Pref, in 1673. Ono is the very rare town that most of the house still have own well and use the well water instead of tap water. And, the quality of water is very transparent and clean. By blessing with the natural resources, the rice quality grown in this area is also outstanding.


To extract the original Umami and sweetness of rice, they take time and carefully produce Koji rice. One more critical matter is temperature control in the step of producing Moromi. They sometimes blend yeats to pursue their ideal flavor.


Sake Selection by Concours Mondial 2018, Junmai Grade Gold Medal


We mostly use local Yamadanishiki and Gohyakumangoku, which are grown by experienced local farmers.


The water of Ono-shi was selected as the 100 best water source in Japan. We have a well in the brewery, and the water makes the taste of Sake soft.


We change the time of soaking rice every day. The climate and the condition of rice are crucial to deciding the time. Through several trials, we finally found out the way to extract the original taste of rice. It's still on the way, but we feel we started to understand the voice of local brewer's rice.


We only have a few brewers and can't make a lot of bottles. So, only we can produce Sake carefully and create the one-and-only taste using local ingredients. All for your ````Umai````!!