Establish 1853


As far as the old document says, we’d already started brewing in 1853, and we are 6th generation. The brewery owner himself is the brewmaster and brew the small quantity but high-quality Sake with the wife.


We aim to produce a delicious and unique Sake with no excuse. Especially, sourness and Umami are the essential factors for our brewing. We believe Sake will be more global drink, so it’s import to seek the possibility of food pairing. Our Sake can pair with any foods, Chinese, Western, and Japanese cuisine.



Our home locates in the North-east of Nagano and where is the alluvial fan flows two long rivers. The gap of temperature between night and day is significant, and the precipitation is low. This environment enables us to produce the highest quality of rice.
Out rice is specially produced by Oyagi farm which provides the rice to the Imperial Household. We also won the competition of the Minister of Agriculture.


We have a well in the brewery and filter it entirely and make the super-soft water for brewing.


Our specialty is producing Moromi by using a lot of Koji rice. Usually, Koji rice accounts for 20% of the total rice quantity to produce Moromi; however, this label uses 50% of Koji rice. More Koji rice makes the taste of Sake rich and full-bodied, and Koji rice easily gives sweetness.
So, the most challenging part is keeping the balance against sweetness. We came up the way through the trials and errors for a few years.


We commit to the unpasteurized Sake. Unpasteurized Sake is the only Sake the glucose increases even after being bottled.
Also, living yeast keeps fermentation very slowly. It's very delicate alcohol, but the temperature-controlled our Sake is the one you must try!!