Establish 1879


It is a brewery located in Maizuru-shi, “Kyoto by the sea” facing the sea of Japan, established in 1879. We are aiming for brewing “the Sake that makes you smile when you drink”. We brewe only Junmai Sake by a brewer married couple.


We stick to the rice growing in the local area, so we lay in stock of it from the farmer who can see their face. Our brewery’s motto is bring out the good point of the rice as it is to the fullest. We don’t add distilled alcohol or enzyme preparation, then draw out the natural sweetness and Umami delicately.



Brewing Sake is agriculture. We are particular about brewing with the local rice which we know who is producing. We use the rice around 85% from contracted farmers.


We use medium soft water drawn up from 50m underground of a brewer.


The taste of Sake differs infinitely broaden depending on the subtle difference of each work such as the way of rinse rice, upon to what degree rice has absorbed water, the difference of temperature humidity when making Koji, how to ferment etc.. Ikeda brewer is making Sake by believing that to dedicate each process carefully one by one can lead to quality of Sake.


We want to provide customers with our Sake which is natural as it is through communicating with invisible enzymes and yeast. ;therefore, we don’t add distilled alcohol or enzyme preparation for adjusting taste.