Establishment 1851


Established in 1851, this brewery was awarded the Gold Medal of Japan National Sake Appraisal 8 times in the low. This is the highest score in Saitama prefecture. The brewing water is the underground water which contains lots of mineral and purified by limestones of Mountain Chichibu. With using the traditional skill, they brew the MIKADOMATSU. What’s important is to develop the brand-new sake fitting the latest trend with keeping the core of our own tradition.


Water is an essential part of Sake. Depending on the quality of water, the taste of Sake becomes a totally different one. This brewery is located in Ogawa-machi, known as the “best location of brewing” due to its high-quality water a long time ago. The hardness of this water is 127mg/ℓ; it’s unusually hard. It is one of the hardest water that is used for brewing Sake in Japan; however, it’s incredibly soft even despite hard water. By proceeding with the fermentation at a lower temperature than usual, Sake gets an especially profound richness. This amazing water is the center of the design of our brewing.



・Awarded 97th Nanbu Toji Sake Appraisal

・Gold medal Japan National Sake Apprisal 8 times

・SAKE COMPETITION 2017 Silver Medal

・Awarded Omachi Summit 2017


We choose the best rice of the year. No matter where the rice is produced, we carefully select the best one matches with our design of brewing. We also proactively use the new brands such as TAMANAE (YAMASAKE No.4), and other local pesticide-free rice.


We use the underground water of Arakawa River drawn from 130M depth. Its hardness is 127mg/L, which is the hardest water in sake brewing industry.


Mix the latest tech and proficient skill of Nanbu Tōji, and brew their original sake. By proceeding the fermentation under low temperature with using the 127mg/L hard water, we are trying to bring the smooth texture and beautiful aroma out.