Establishment 1911


Label name “Chōmonkyō” came from as the beautiful valley near this brewery. A bautifu Abu River flows the valley and the quality and quantity of water is remarlable. Owing to the high-quality of water, they keep producing the high quality rich sake, which people never feel tired of drinking. Besides, they are famous as the first brewery produced sake liqueur in 1986.


Producing “very sake, umami “umami” is extracted well.” is the motto of this brewery. The most important things for brewing sake are water, rice, the inherited traditional Ōtsu Tōji method and the teamwork. Based on these 4 points, they are making the sake which has lots of umami and clear finish.


・Gold Medal of National New Sake Competition 4 times


They only use high-quality local rice, which is selected carefully. Besides, they keep researching to make the differences. Using non-agrochemical rice is one of their current in-focus challenge.


Use the water from own well under-ground water of Abu-River, which is famous for high-quality water, flows in.


It is said that washing rice is the foundation of brewing good sake. Depending on the condition of rice changing year by year, soaking time of rice has to be changed accordingly, so that it's necessary to keep having a beginner's mind and go back to basics every year. As a brew master in this generation, it's mandatory to add new value on brewery's tradition.


Chōmonkyō is the originator of rich and complex sake; particularly focusing on producing sake that has more umami since autumn. To let them mature steadily but healthly, they produce sake with the extreme care. Freshly produced sake nouveau is also delicious, however, it's Autumn when Okazakishuzo proves its real value.