Establish 1864


We target the average polish rate 50% up. The attractiveness of our Sake is rich and flavorful taste which the Umami of rice is deliberately extracted.

In parallel with inheriting the traditional skill, we implement the new technology and machine to explore the potential of Sake.


Exploring the future of Sake culture is our mission. We proactively implement the latest technology and machine to utilize more time for creation.

At the same time, we don’t rely growing rice on farmers. We believe knowing the growing condition gives huge influence on the nature of rice.


・Japan National Sake Appraisal 2014

・Nagoya Tax Office Sake Appraisal 2014-2017

・Aichi prefecture Sake Appraisal 2017


The quality of rice influences on the quality of Sake. Polishing rice carefully according to the characteristic of each rice is the first step to produce delicious Sake.
To produce Sake with the local rice, we brewers grow the rice and understand nature by watching the growing condition.


My place is called ``the town of water`` and blessed with the crystal clear water source. There are so many spring waters in the town and a lot of people come to draw water.
We use this spring water, which is very soft, in mountain nearby the brewery. The characteristic of our Sake is mild and soft and the water takes the important role to make it happen.


We aim to be the brewery to flexibly pursue the possibility of Sake. Most of the process used to require human's heavy workload has already been replaced by the latest machine, so our main brewery doesn't have the atmosphere which most of traditional breweries have.
The machine helps us to keep tracking the progress of brewing. We brewers have the knowledge and plan to handle machine and utilize the data for brewing.


There is a terminology ``和醸良酒`` meaning the balance of koji, yeast, and Moromi will brew great sake and enlarges the harmony among the people. We aim to produce it and explore the future of Sake culture.