Establishment 1903


It is located in front of the Mikawa Bay in Aichi prefecture. Natural water source is plentiful and the quality is remarkable. They believe sake is the gift from nature so that they were settled here and coexistent with nature.  The natural environment is changing minute by minute. Through feeling the breath of nature, they transform themselves to the more natural existence and discover the best relationship as a human being. This is how they do to brew better sake every year.


Every single step is their original. Sake is the gift from nature, but it is also the gift from human, Even if we use the highest quality of rice and water, it is impossible to bring the potential out without the commitment and skill of brewers.  To combine these two thoughts together, they have nothing in but to customize all the brewing process to their nature. That is why their brewing is very unique from material processing to bottling.  They can’t stop improving their method since nature is changing even at this moment.


・Gold Medal of Japan National Sake Apprisal 2001 – 2004

・Aichi Pref Sake Contest 2001 – 2015

・Nagoya Sake Contest 2001 – 2015


They used to use the rice grows in Northeast Japan. However, they have drastically shifted all brewery rice to local one only in early 2003. They believe the shortcut to be the only one is local brewers living there brew local rice. They are proud of the local rice brand ``Yumesansui`` which makes sake's aroma very clean.


Sangane Mountain is the treasure box of high-quality water. They only use the underground water comes from that mountain, which is very soft and clean.


``Never compromise`` is their skill. Their only mission is to satisfy various kind of consumer's needs.
To make this happen, they produced many kinds of brands. Ingredients and production method is all different, so that usual method doesn’t work to make all brand's quality high. That is why they have modified the normal brewing method and tools to their ideal style.


Sake is the something its local culture and human and nature are all crystalized. To create the purest crystal, we live in local and grow the local ingredients and understand its nature. With sticking with localism, we believe we can produce the products competitive all around the world.