Establishment 1661


Uchigasaki shuzo was established in 1661, an oldest brewery in Miyazaki. The main brewery established in late 1800s is now a symbolic mark of town. For contributing to the local culture, they positively open the brewery to the public and accept the rice planting experience for nearby schools beside with using only local grown rice.


The label “鳳陽 Hoyo” comes from the Chinese story “鳳明朝陽 Hoyomeicho”, it’s praying for the prosperity of family fortunes. The local materials and the inherited technique specialized in cold area makes this brewery differenciated. Their sake concept is a sake which is never tired of drinking. Sake is made with tight cooperation between people and the nature. It doesn’t mean using exellent ingredients. People have to be mature enough and understand its nature, otherwise the team can’t be one of the function.


・Gold Medal of National Sake Award – 12 times

・IWC 2009 Gold medal and trophy of Miyagi



By filtering softer water, tryting to make the water cleaner and smoother, and use it for brewing.


They've been sticking with hand-made by Nanbu brewer(南部杜氏). By making use of very cold climet in winter, restraining the activity of yeast, and slowly ferment to carefully brew fine sake.


For brewing, even there are exact materails and climate weather, but the most important thing is the team work. If a good sake is produced, that would definitely be the best reward. They would like to keep making a sake that is never got tired of drinking.