Since 1898
NARA Kashiba-shi
Okura Honke

What's Okura Honke

"Established in 1898 at the foot of Mountain Nijo. It's been called ""Amenofutakami"" and consecrated since Nara Period. We've been pursuing the essence of sake by sticking with Yamahai method for over hundred years. Rice we focus on is the one grown in this place, the name is ""Hinohikari"". We are proud of the ancient skill inherited from the ancestors called ""Mizumoto"". We stick with those originalities and never stop sharpening them and differentiate ourselves. "


Simplicity and decency make sake the best” This spirit and belief ceaselessly live in the sake made by Okura Honke. Also for showing the gratitude to the people who looked after us for 3 years rest since 2010, we don’t cut corners and deceive for making high-quality sake.


●Gold Metal Awarded 3 times at National Sake Apprisal

Brew Master

Takahiko Okura

Okura Honke

〒639-0227 692, Kamada, Kashiba-shi, Nara, 639-0227, Japan
Since 1898