Enjoy complimentary sake subscription for 2 months


Sakemaru is an online sake subscription service providing rare and seasonal sakes. All sakes are carefully handpicked by our honorary sake sommelier and delivered to your doorstep each month.

Store your bottle of sake in our Snow Dorm cellar where sake are left at close to freezing temperatures to age and you can savourthe authentic taste of aged sake.


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Complimentary Sake Subscription for 2 months

(worth $65 for 1st month, $90 for 2nd month)


•Receive a bottle of ‘Jumaiginjo’ grade sake in the first month and a bottle of ‘Junmaidaiginjo’ grade sake in the second month.
•Limited to first 15 redemptions per month only

Redeem your complimentary sake subscription for 2 months:


1) Fill in the form below and submit
2) Redemption details and an exclusive redemption code will be emailed to you
Note: $90/month will be charged automatically to the credit/debit card used to redeem the subscription for the 3rd month onwards if subscription is not cancelled by 25th of second month of delivery.

15 complimentary sake subscriptions

have been fully redeemed this month.

Please wait until next slots open.