Seth Lui gave you $15 for special sake.
SAKEMARU is the best choice to meet the seasonal and limited fine sake.

Monthly delivery

Monthly delivery

Deliver special SAKE every month. You can specify the delivery date and time.

Super rare sake

Special seasonal SAKE

Only offer seasonal "nama" SAKE rarely appear even in Japan, and use refrigerated transportation to keep the freshness.

Different fine breweries

Fine breweries

Select only fine breweries commitment to quality and taste.

SAKEMARU SAKE time capsule

SAKE time capsule

Store rare sake in the dorm made by snow at 2nd month after your subscription.

SAKEMARU Mature for 1 year

Mature for one year

Mature sake in the dorm for a year, then free-deliver the aged sake kept in the perfect environment.

SAKEMARU for an anniversary

For an anniversary

Enjoy your own special sake with your precious friends or family.