Pairing Fried lamb chops with herbs flavored Breadcrumbs with Okuharima Harumachikogarete Yamahai


Since lamb has some peculiar tastes, pairing is relatively more difficult than other meat. However, this very full-bodied label has very complex and rich taste. Rich sweetness influenced by rice wraps lamb's peculiar part. This should be the unknown pairing experience which you can't have by pairing with red wine.


Lamb chop 4
Dried parsley 1 tbsp
Dried oregano 1 tsp
Bread crumbs 30g
Garlic 1
Mustard 3 tbsp
Salt little
Olive oil 1 tbsp+2 tbsp

・How to cook

1. Put salt and pepper on ram
2. Mix bread crumbs, herbs and chopped garlics
3. Cover 1) with the mustard
4. Coat 3) with 2)
5. Fry 4) with olive oil for 4 mins
6. Add olive oil and flip 5) and fry for 3 more mins