Sake + Fruits = SakeGria. Raise Your Glass to This Marriage!!


After the home party, it is usual that some bottles of alcohol opened but couldn’t finish all are left in the refrigerator.
Since we of course have a hangover on the next day, the opened bottles are just kept in the refrigerator and forgotten whole next week and sometimes threw away.

As most of you may know Sangria, forgotten wine is transformed to the new delicious drink by just adding fruits and some spice in.
It is also possible to transform the forgotten sake to the totally new drink. I would like to say this cocktail as SakeGria. Please let me share some recipes as for SakeGria I have tried. It is super easy, though...



Katafune Junmaiginjo|TakedaShuzo(竹田酒造)from Niigata
Awarded Silver Medal of 2015 IWC Junmaiginjo Section. Aroma is mild and milky and subtle fruity. Taste is naturally sweet influenced by high-quality rice and little sourness makes the after taste clear. To create 2 types of SakeGria, I used 360ml each.



・1/4 Pineapple
I just like this fruits. Its extreme sweetness might give an unique effect to sake.
・1 Grapefruits
This is common ingredient for originator sangria, which is something like an insurance for the taste.
・3 Wax Apple
Unique texture and colorful looks. Sponge like inside might contain the liquid of sake in.
・100g Muscat
It was just sale by the supermarket near my house.



・Pineapple and Grapefruits
Oh! What a miracle! Attack became almost like fresh pineapple juice. It seems like the juice of fruits came out and mixed with sake, so that the alcohol content was likely to be decreased. The comfortable bitterness influenced by grapefruits comes in aftertaste.

・Wax Apple and Muscat
I made a huge mistake. I haven’t pealed the skin of muscat off. The acridity comes from the skin influences a lot to the taste. Moreover, taste doesn’t make sharp but just sweet, since both wax apple and muscat are fruits not sour.


2 types of SakeGria I made were a bit too sweet. I think that is because of the amount of fruits I put. If you want to make less sweet SakeGria, I recommend to use less fruits or fruits not too sweet like guava or lemon or berries. It is also important to add even one sour fruits to make the taste sharp.
Anyway, it is super easy, you just need to dice fruits and mix with sake and put in the refrigerator for one night and then you can enjoy the totally new and delicious sake. Moreover, sake soaked fruits turn into new dessert. The very moment you bite fruits, its inexpressible rich juice mixed with sake comes out at once.

If you have some sake opened and left in the refrigerator, please try SakeGria! You will meet the another face of sake.