Cosy and nostalgic place to enjoy sake and chat with "Okami" Jun-san

At the backstreet of Orchard road, inside the mixed used building there is a small sake bar called “Jun” with an atmosphere of Showa period. In side the bar is lit with dim light and nostalgic music playing.


I had Junmai Ginjo Sake “kudoki Jozu” from Yamagata prefecture, has bland sweet and sour aroma, with elegant sweet taste.

I had evening drink set. For a starter, I had many little plates of Japanese delicatessen. A cucumber pickled in salt has simple taste enhances sweetness of sake.

Shiitake in sweet ginger starchy sauce has good match with sweet taste of sake.


Radish seasoned in salt has a good texture with slight bitterness and let sake sweetness stands out.

Minced pork wrapped in fried beancurd with sweet and sour sauce has good match with sweet taste of sake.


Potato with salted squid guts has good mix between sweetness of potato and sake.

Egg plant stewed in sweet sauce has thick texture, and had the best match with sake among all delicatessen.


Takoyaki has soft skin with juicy taste inside. Ginger, Worcester sauce, octopus taste goes well with high ball. The last plate was oden.

A drink to go with oden was warm sake, Ozeki from Hyogo mixed with oden soup. This has easy taste with good blend of umami. No doubt this sake goes perfectly with oden, especially radish absorbed soup well.

Jun-san, who is the bar master, the character in an entrance signboard and name of the bar, said anyone is welcome! So if you would like to escape from noise in the city and drink in peace with Showa atmosphere, this is the place to be.

昭和歌謡おでん酒場 絢  JUN oden & sake bar
150 Orchard road #02-21 Orchard plaza Singapore
TEL :+65-9625-1224