The land of Udon, Place to enjoy Kagawa prefecture's local cuisine and sake

It goes without saying that in Singapore, Japanese culture gather from all over Japan. As a result, you can enjoy taste of various regions in this island. This time I write about a restaurant dedicated especially to Kagawa prefecture at boat quay called "Kagawa".

This restaurant recommends combination of sweet mild taste of Kagawa cuisine with dry Sake. I had Sake from Osaka "Akishika" non filtered Junmai. Glue like aroma, mixed and complicated taste of bittersweet and sourness, with after taste of dark chocolate.


First dish was a speciality from Osaka called tonpeiyaki. There is a taste of red ginger, mayonnaise, Worcester sauce, grilled pork belly, egg, and cabbage, mixed in my mouth and make sweet, sour and umami taste. With Sake, bittersweet taste matches well and mild sour after taste remains.


Following dish was a grilled chicken in Kagawa style. It made with charcoal grilled chicken leg with soy garlic sauce and pepper. There is a juicy yet littly bitter taste in its skin, condensed meat umami, and the skin fit with sake bitterness, umami of chicken and sake blend together and mild sweet and sourness remiain.


Japanese baked egg has a fluffy texture, and there is a gentle taste of dashi from inside, that let sake go smoothly.


Their signature menu "tempura udon" has chewy udon, soup with gentle dashi taste, and skin of tempura absorb the soup well. Sake helps to stand out sweet and sour umami of the soup.


There is a growing popularity of udon in Singapore, and worth trying as each plate has a good volume with reasobable price. You can hop in for a quick bite, or you can make yourself full with delicacy of Kagawa.