Pixy - Contemporary French x Japanese Sake

Pixy locates discreetly at the street full of authentic shophouse with the Western atmosphere. An interior of the restaurant is a renovation of an old shop house, having dark colored wall, dim light with luxurious use of space.


Type of Cuisine is "Contemporary cuisine" based on French recipes. A Chef is from Fukuoka, decided to open a bar / restaurant with relaxing feeling. Ingredients are gathered from sea to mountains as much as the chef able to collect. He is aiming to let customers rediscover our surroundings through these ingredients, while searching for a new possible combination between these ingredients with Sake. There are full of unique ideas in cuisine and presentation, like flipping tableware and Sake cup for serving food. This is just like how Pixy tricks you.

I had signature Sake from Fukuoka "Niwa no uguisu" Junmai Ginjo. Light lime and pear like aroma, transparent pear like sweetness, profound bitterness, umami and acid taste. As the time pass by, there is a matured honey like taste appear.


Amuse Boucher was an American hot dog made with frog leg, and parsley sauce. A chiken like sweet meat appear from a tender skin, with hint of lemon and garlic taste. And with sake, there is a pepperly taste coming out.


Following plate was a 2 months matured dry cured tuna. there is a salty taste of tuna, slight sweetness and acidic taste. And this tuna let umami of sake stand out well. According to the chef, this goes well with whiskey also.


Scorched bamboo has a beautiful presentation with aroma of bamboo charcoal. It has a good texture of bamboo with lightly salted umami. With Sake, bittersweet taste slowly grows.


Main dish is a Ris de veau. It is made with Veal's sweetbread matured in honey, glazed in teriyaki sauce, assorted with potato purée and sweet herb. It has a good mixture of western cuisine and hint of Japanese taste. Meat has a taste like sweet terrine, and sweetness of meat and Sake make rich marriage.


Cuisine and presentation are highly creative yet made with reliable skill. There are ample of alcohol including Sake, wine and whisky. You can choose from counter seat to private seating. The chef is eager to challenge various events at the restaurant to go with this sophisticated Atmosphere. I am excited to see how this place will evolve!

16 mohamed sultan road #01-01 Singapore
TEL : +65-9171-7682

Operating Hours
Mon - Sat
18:00 - 00:00