Kura - A mini oasis in this busy city

"Kura" locates at the third floor of the Orchard Plaza where there are drinking places for businessman. At the bar, there is a dim light illuminating a woody interior, with classic jazz music, and fifteen seats which is good enough to keep a relaxing atmosphere help to exodus from the busyness outside.


There are about ten assorted dishes prepared on a counter, and the content of the dishes change everyday. This time I had sake from Hyogo prefecture "sawa no Tsuru" honjozo and "tanigawa dake" dry Junmai from Gunma prefecture.


Sawa no Tsuru was made warm that bring out sweet aroma like Japanese stew, rich sweet and sour taste slowly grow, and bitter sourness remain on a tongue. Tanigawa dake has mild Burrell like sweet aroma and round soft sweet sour taste.


Minced chicken meat ball with shiso leaf is a popular plate here. It has a tender texture, concentrated umami, and taste of shiso. Sawa no Tsuru mixes elegantly with the shiso leaf's sweetness.


Boiled spinach and dried seaweed dressed with sesame sauce has soft and mild saltiness with a bit of mineral taste. This dish helps to stand out sweet taste of tanigawa dake.


Threaded konnyaku stew has gentle sweet and spicy taste. Together with hot sake, it turns to caramel like taste, and then the sweet taste emerges. The sake also matches well with spicy taste.


Hijiki salad dressed with tune mayonaise brings umami of amino acid. When I had it with both warm and cold sake it has a good match with umami taste.


Each plate has an elegant taste and presentation, with simplisity. As the shop master said, she would like business people to find relaxation at her bar with a taste of home cooking. When you want to find a mini oasis in this busy city, this is the place to be.

150 Orchard Road, #03-55, Orchard Plaza 238841 Singapore
TEL : +65-6385-6923

Operating Hours
Mon - Sat
18:00 - 00:00