Announcement of Change as for Snow Dorm System


We have stored our customers' sake in March 2016. After stored sake, we have received lots of requests for storing sake as well as after March from new customers.

To meet our customers' requests, we decided to change the system of sake storing. Please check the following explanation of change and confirm when sake is stored in your case.
We will deliver matured sake to all customers faster than now.
This system change starts from today, 14th April 2016.

Along with this change, we are preparing new delivery and payment schedule. To offer fine sake stably to more customers, we will upgrade our system to much firmer and useful one. We will announce it later.

New System
・Store sake at 2nd month after your subscription.
・Sake offered at 2nd month will be stored in the snow dorm.
*Since it is best to drink sake of May while it is fresh, we will store sake for June instead.
・Sake will not be stored if you unsubscribe within 1st month.
・Even if you change your plan on the way, the number of sake to store is not going to change.


For Existing Customers
1)Customer subscribed by 20 March
We have already stored sake, so that this change doesn’t affect you at all.
2)Customer subscribed from 21 March to 20 April
We will store your sake by the end of May.