Pairing between sake and dessert, 2am: Dessert bar by Janice Wong

I had a continuous interest of the pairing between Sake and dessert. This time this interest became real with a help of patisserie a.k.a. artist Janice Wong. Her first shop “2am” locates at the corner of Holland village.


When I walked dark steps up from the ground floor entrance, there was a dim light, art works of Janice in multicolor and various textures. Each furniture is also designed with Janice taste. I must say, that not only her sweets but the entire store itself is her art work.


In the menu, there are recommended alcohol to go with the sweet. This time, the recommendation was made especially with Sake. First sake was sparkling sake called “Mio” produced by Shochikubai from Hyogo prefecture.


It has a bland sweet and sour sake aroma, peach like mild taste, and gentle fizziness. It is a very easy drink to start the session with. Cassis plum bombe was beautifully arranged with the bombe itself, plum sake granita, and yuzu pearls.


Soft but rough textured skin of the bombe, soft yogurt foam and yuzu taste mixed together creating profound sour taste. Sake helps to wrap the sour taste with sweetness. Also a fizziness of sake and the foam inside the bombe has a joyful texture when they mix together.


Next sake was a cocktail called “yuzu sake fizz” made with yuzu juice, tonic water and Sawa no Tsuru Junmai as a base. Mild yuzu aroma, bittersweet taste of yuzu tonic, and sake make the taste gentle.


A dessert to go with this cocktail was another signature sweet “chocolate H20”. Mountain of soft and rich dark chocolate, salted caramel, crunchy baked chocolate and refreshing Kochi yuzu sorbet has an impressive look.


No wonder sweet of Janice is known as the “eatable art”; bitter and sour taste of chocolate and yuzu wrapped by sweet taste of caramel. Sake has a closer taste to the dessert, and it softens bitter taste, brings refreshing taste instead, and remaining sweet taste of chocolate and caramel.


There are ample of choices for the other desserts and drinks as well. And any order you make, you will be amused and fascinated by seeing, eating, and pairing of these desserts and drinks.

2am : dessertbar
21a Lorong Liput Holland Village Singapore 277733
TEL : +65-6221-6264

Operating Hours
3pm to 2am
2pm to 2am (open for brunch)