Kagura Sake, Not just good sake bar, vast lineup of hi-quality pairing food is attractive


There is an eye catching entrance of the Sake bar "Kagura Sake" along famous drinking street in Duxton. There is a dim light, relaxing counter sheets, with cozy atmosphere inside.


First sake was from Yamagata prefecture, "Aka eboshi" junmai daiginjo. First, there was a bland melon aroma, profound and well balanced bittersweet and sour taste. It has a easy taste, best suit for an alchol in food.
Grilled over-night dried conger eel has a bland umami taste with fine texture. Drop of lemon on the conger eel make the taste more refreshing. Together with sake, there is a good match as a fruitiness in sake stands out.


Next sake was from Okayama prefecture, "Sake hitosuji" kimoto junmai ginjo. There is a banana like aroma, caramel taste with bitter sourness. bar master said, this sake goes well with fresh food. So I had sashimi set, that the content changes weekly. This time was a tuna toro has melty umami, and sake mix with the fat well, brings refreshing bitter taste.
A prawn has thick sweetness, and sake helps to make the taste softer. A sea urchin has popping sweet taste, has a good match with sake and brings caramel like sweet taste.


Last sake was from Hokkaido, "Maruta" special junmai. bland aroma, rich and matured sweet taste. I had a grilled miso Iberican pork.
Refreshing taste of Japanese ginger, fatty meat, and rich miso blend well as I chew. This sake helps to blend the taste integrated with elegant sweetness.


There are many sake has good match with food in the bar, and there are also good range of food to choose from. You can visit this sake bar at any occasions.


神楽酒 Kagurasake
089529 70 Duxton Road
TEL : +65 6221 4885

Operating Hours
12pm to 2am
6pm to 12am
6pm to 11pm