Brewer’s Interview “HIYAOROSHI” Haneda Shigenori from Haneda Shuzo


SAKEMARU interviewed with Mr. Shigenori Haneda from Haneda shuzo, which offers SAKEMARU's October premium sake. The topics is also "HIYAOROASHI, Autumn limited sake". Please check the previous article we have interviewed with Okazaki shuzo with same theme.
Let's see the difference between 2 of them. If you don't know Hiyaoroshi, let's check this article first.

Q. How is Hiyaoroshi in this year?

The balance between taste and aroma got well-harmonized. Sake got much richer and more unflappable characteristic, it's actually the matured sake for grown-up people.


Q. To Haneda shuzo, what’s the meaning of Hiyaoroshi?

At least 6 months aging is necessary to enjoy the umami of sake, and the well-balanced taste. It's very fun to drink fresh and vivid sake nouveau, however, Autumn is also exciting season to enjoy the rich and various layers of taste.

Q. When you take maturing into account, do you take something special for brewing?

First of all, the most important thing to leave the certain amount of sweetness in Moromi. After aging, the taste of too sweet sake is easy to get dull and finish tends to lose its crispiness. Besides, the aging doesn't give any effects towards sake's taste in case of too dry sake.
In my brewery, long-term-aging is the main, so that we design moromi slightly sweet.

In addition to Moromi, timing of pasteurization is quite important. We pasteurized this label once quickly after being produced, so that sake could start to mature in stable condition.


Q. As same as brewing, we think the maturing should be inevitable to mostly rely on the nature process. Do you have something unforgettable experience?

When I brewed sake at first time, I totally didn't have the idea of "aging" in my mind. So, it was very scary because the only thing we can do is controlling the temperature.
After 6 months, once I sipped the Hiyaoroshi, the mellow texture and rich taste amazed me completely. I learned the respect to the natural aging.


Q. Hiyaoroshi is the Autumn limited sake. Please tell us your recommendation how to enjoy Hiyaoroshi

I recommend to drink it at room temp or hot sake.
It's better way to enjoy the richness, umami of sake. Also, sake works better as pairing parter of dishes.

Normally, this Junmaidaiginjo is not offered as Hiyaoroshi, however, we specially prepared it as Hiyaoroshi, because the aging succeeded very well. Please enjoy the sake only available in Autumn season!!!