Birders - Reasonable Yakitori, with Diverse Taste and Consideration to Select Right Sake

There is a yakitori specialized bar at the heart of the business and foodies area, Tanjong Pagar. The bar locates inside the old shophouse, keeping the art gallery like feeling with smooth lounge music, exposed bricks, and lights.


What make this bar unique is not only their yakitori but their accessibility. In the menu simply describes taste of each sake with numerical data in SMV chart. And they are willing to help you to find the right Sake to go with yakitori of your choice!


The first sake I had was “Sasa no Mai” honjozo from Yamagata prefecture. It has a bland sweet aroma, thick sweet and sour taste, and it stimulate throats with its acid. It has a strong taste but easy to drink.


Each dish were arranged on a small metal plates with different sauce and spices. A pickled eggplant has a rich salty taste, and it enhances sweet and bitter taste of sake. A chicken sasami has plum, shiso herb, and Genovese sauce on top of the meat. And sweet taste of the sake wraps umami of the meat. A chicken heart with onion ginger sauce has sour and bitter umami. And the sake brings out amino acid taste.


A chicken tail has Korean BBQ like taste with garlic soy sauce on a crispy, yet fatty meat. The taste of the sake become more fruity with this yakitori. A chicken skin has a simple salt and lime flavor with crispiness. This plate makes the taste of the sake more fruity than when the sake paired with a chicken tail. A tsukune has chewy texture, and raw egg wraps umami of the meat. This plate let bitterness and numbness of sake stands out. A chicken oyster is simply delicious with salt and lemon. And this let sweet taste of sake stands out.


Beside yakitori, they have fried spring roll, has a taste of Japanese stall food with fish bonito, dried seaweed, Worcester sauce, with crispy skin, fish paste, and sweet corn. This let the sake sweetness become thick sour taste.


Curry croquettes has rich mixture of curry and mayonnaise taste, blend well with bitter, spicy taste and end with numbness. Lastly, their signature dish, birder’s wings, grilled in black vinegar and sake, brings refreshing sourness, pop corn like flavor in skin, and tender meat with sweet umami that matches with sweet taste of the sake.


This bar offers yakitori with reasonable price, with diverse taste. The taste of yakitori to match with locals tongue as well so enjoy this unique yakitori delicacy.


55 Tras Street Singapore
TEL : +65-9180-6728

Operating Hours
12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 00:00
12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 01:00
18:00 - 01:00