Brewer's Interview "Hiyaoroshi and Local Rice Hattannishiki" by Tempoichi Shuzo

Q. How is Hiyaoroshi in this year?

I this year, we have tried to bring the clearness and transparency out from the richness influenced by aging.


Q. What is the largest difference between Hattannishiki and the other brewery rice

Sake brewed with this rice tends to have more aromatic and lighter taste. Normally light sake is not suitable for aging, so that we have tried to extract umami more than usual for good Hiyaoroshi.


Q. This rice is grown with using less agrochemical. How does this difference give an effect to the taste of sake?

Transparency is the most different part. Texture becomes more smooth and the finish tends to be more clear.

Q. It's said that sake is most delicious in Autumn because of aging. Please tell me your way of thinking against aging

Aging and vintage is quite important factor to consider the global expansion of sake market. By aging sake under low temperature, the taste gets more roundish and umami is increased more, however, is it OK to make it just "rich". We believe the taste of sake should be more thickened and layered by aging. I believe it's necessary to consider the aging from the very first design phase.

Q. Please tell us pairing recommendation

Sashimi of seasonal fish "Pacific saury (Sanma)" must be great.
Also, food with intensive taste like smoked cheese should be a nice partner.