Niku Kappo - More than 50 kinds of sake with signature niku sushi

There is a newly opened Japanese restaurant in town! Located at ION Orchard, the concept of “Niku Kappo” comes from “Spiceworks”, who is well-known for their niku sushi. Niku Kappo is managed by Watami Japanese Dining, which has 4 Watami outlets in Singapore.


Other than serving "Kappo" cuisine which consists of their signature dishes, such as Yaki Tetsu and beef sushi platter, Niku Kappo has more than 50 kinds of sake available at reasonable prices. You may also bring your own bottle as well!


I was served with a welcome drink - Sake Mojito which consists of sake and sprite. It had a refreshing and soothing taste that perked me up. With the extensive Sake Menu, I finally decided on this limited edition sake, “Sharaku”, from Aizu region. The sweet and fruity taste lingered in my mouth, accompanied with a toasty aroma.


Dancing Caesar Salad was served as an appetiser and prepared in front of the customer. Ingredients and sauce can be adjusted according to the customer’s preference. The homemade salad dressing matched the umami of the sake.


The next dish served was Iced Tako Wasabi, whereby the wasabi shaved ice was placed on the sliced octopus sashimi. The intense taste of the wasabi mixed well with the umami of octopus. And again, it paired well with the sake.


Time Bomb Maguro was served to me next. The raw tuna cubes were grilled right in front of me. Grilled on the outside and raw on the inside, the taste was heightened by the smoky fragrance.


The following dish served was Tori Kushi Mori, assorted chicken skewers in different flavours. Notably, white miso sauce and nanban yaki sauce made a good match with the sake.


Their wide range of signature niku sushi comes in different toppings, such as foie gras, shaved truffle and uni. For non-beef eaters, chicken sushi is available as well! Among all, Wagyu Tataki Sushi, with ponzu radish as the topping, brought out the richness of beef.


Last but not least, one of their signature dishes, “Yaki Tetsu” was served. “Edo miso Yaki”, which consisted of wagyu and sano miso were cooked in a miso based stew. Rich umami of red miso and juicy wagyu had a perfect ensemble. After consuming the meat and vegetables, I had a rice dish using the remaining stew. The rice mixed with the miso stew and egg resulted in a creamy and savoury taste.


Look out for their novel ways as they serve the dishes to the customers. This concept is introduced as part of the Japanese culture of pairing sake and food. There is a good balance of delicious meat and entertainment, suitable for dating or business reception.

Niku Kappo 肉割烹
ION Orchard #B3-23, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
TEL : +65-6509-9366

Operating Hours
11:30 - 22:00