Ishizuchi sake bar, named after famous brewery in Ehime

Inside the Emporium Shokuhin, there is a sake bar named after the famous sake “Ishizuchi” from Ehime prefecture. There is a wall of sake mainly from Ehime as well as some rare and premium sake kept inside the fridge. You can enjoy these sake by glass, or buy them as a bottle. The bar is lit from timber framed lighting fixture, and there is also a VIP room for special guests.


"Hanahime Sakura daiginjo" is from Ehime prefecture, with floral caramel like aroma, matured sweet better taste with numbness. Melon wrapped by Parma ham and tobiko Assorted on a top. Saltiness of ham, good texture of tobiko, sweet sour taste of melon matches well with sake, and let sweet taste of sake stand out.



Yuki Suzume “Hanaseba wakaru” honjozo from Ehime has bland aroma, with dark chocolate like taste. Deep fried river shrimps and sake have good match that widen the taste.



"Ishizuchi junmai" non filtered from Ehime has bland sweet and sour aroma. There is a wide taste of mild banana like creamy flavor. Miyazaki beef A5 paired with this sake. There is a soy sauce, pepper, and umami of the tender meat comes out as I chew. Classic taste of the sake matches deliciously with juicy fatty meat.



After the pairing, I had series of sake called “kotsuzumi rojo hanaari” from Nishiyama brewery in Hyogo. This sake series named after the name of the flower. First one is called Aoi, has aroma of toasted bread, strong bittersweet vanilla taste, and slight matureness. Kuro Botan, has pepper soy like aroma, heavy bittersweet taste with vanilla like creaminess. Toka, has Parmesan cheese and peppery aroma, strong bittersweet banana like taste.


Lastly, I tried three sake of their choice. "Yume tsukiyo junmaidaiginjo" is from Ehime prefecture, has sweet aroma, smooth and round vanilla like sweet matured taste with thick texture. Ginjoshu Oban from Ehime has light fruity aroma, fruity sweetness with bland bitter sour taste. Sanzen honjozo from Okayama, has mild sweet aroma, strong mature sweetness and mild bitter taste.


You can go to the bar before or after enjoying shopping at Emporium Shokuhin or simply to explore regional hidden sake for your exploration and fun!

Ishizuchi Sake Bar | Emporium Shokuhin | Emporium Shokuhin
6 Raffles Link #01-18 New Wing@Marina Square Mall, Singapore 039594
TEL : +65-6812-2153

Operating Hours
12pm–10pm daily