Jimotoya - Ebi Ramen Produced by Michelin Star Chef with Monthly Glass Sake

There is an arcade of old Chinese shophouses covered by glass canopy near a Telok Ayer area. A ramen bar, “Jimotoya” along the arcade has an exterior of Japanese timber screen, an interior is designed in a modern Japanese style as well, with timber and concrete texture, and I can hear a smooth jazz inside also.


The ramen is produced by Michelin star chef from kaiseki restaurant “Mieda” in Hokkaido. The owner of Jimotoya said, the ramen is the main feature of this bar, and costumer can enjoy the wide variety of sake too. Rightly said, there are rich selections of sake, which you can pair with ramen and other food.


Their ramen is a combination of prawn and pork stock, with soy sauce. This taste can attract both local and Japanese people. I paired this ramen with "Manozuru" dry Junmai from Niigata, which is local favorite sake in this bar. There is a light woody aroma, and easy taste with the matured pair like bittersweet taste grow along my tongue.


The sweetness of prawn sauce lightly grow, mixing with umami of soy sauce, thin yet nicely textured noodle absorb the soup well. Their soup is not too rich. A half boiled egg with the soup let sweet taste of sake grow. As the time passes by, sake and the soup makes vanilla like taste.


As this bar locates nearby Central business district, you can pass by after work, or having a casual sake and ramen experience with your friends.

Jimoto Ya 海老麺総本家 地元家
3 Pickering Street, #01-44/01-45 Nanking Row Singapore 048660
TEL : +65-6223-3397

Operating Hours
Mon - Sat
11:00am – 02:30pm 06:00pm – 10:00pm Sun