TAKU sushi & wagyu & craft bar - All crafted quality

There is a restaurant “TAKU” inside the historical architecture illuminated gently with dim light, locate at the corner of the old street. I hear a soft lounge music filling the space, and golden Japanese screen reflecting light. When I sit at the counter, I see colorful glass sake cups placed on a red japan ware.


I asked TAKU san about the concept of the restaurant. He said there are wagyu, sushi, craft bar specialized restaurant already exist in Singapore. And he was eager to create a restaurant where customer can enjoy them in one place. There is a carefully selected drinks that goes well with Japanese cuisine. All the meat dishes are cocked by TAKU san and Sushi is made by chief chef Arakawa san, which allow to enjoy wide range of taste.


I had a Nabeshima special Junmai, representing Saga prefecture to start a course with. Light acid, melon taste, then elegant bitterness and numbness arrive. An amuse was a floral seafood plate has a bitter yet salty taste blend well with bitter taste of sake. Next plate was seasoned wagyu from Miyazaki prefecture. Rich stewed aroma, and spice stimulate my sensory. Soft and condensed umami of the meat melt in my mouth. Then the spice, juicy meat fat and numbness from the sake blend well.



Following sake was from Akita prefecture, called Yamamoto pure black. There is a light ester aroma, easy yet gentle and plum like sweet taste.


Crab miso chawanmushi has rich umami and saltiness wrapped by light yuzu taste. Chawanmushi makes sake taste more round, and umami of the sake expand in my mouth.


After that, I had a fresh sashimi from Tsukiji market. Mild umami of Kanpachi make bittersweet taste of sake grow. Bream has a good texture let bitter taste of sake grow. Fatty tuna has rich umami matches with sour taste of sake. Deep water shrimp matches it sweet taste deliciously with the sake. Mackerel has a strong taste of onion and ginger make sweet taste of the sake grow.



Ryujin West is from Gunma prefecture, has a bland aroma, mixed yes delicious taste of umami, bitter, and vivid sour, giving impression of a pear. A Miyazaki Wagyu steak paired with this sake. Condensed umami of the meat wrapped by grounded salt, deep fried rice plant has joyful texture. And sake makes sweet taste gently grow.



Zaku is one of the sake represents Mie prefecture. It has a mild sweet aroma, matured banana or Japanese sponge cake like sweet and sour taste, and its taste slowly grow in my throat.


Sushi made by Arakawa san has unique mixed texture of rice, and the movement of the sushi. When the sushi lands on a plate, it looks just like a flower opens its petal. Flounder sushi has saltiness of the fish, yuzu flavor, good texture of the rice and sweet taste of sake has perfect match that grow the sushi taste.


Mackerel with ginger and onion has thick texture, saltiness and umami gently grow with sake. Pickled mackerel has sour, spice, and umami mixed taste, and sweet and sour taste of the sake matches well. Umami of an abalone let sweet taste of sake grow.


When tuna sushi put on a counter, literally tuna meat dances. And umami and sour taste of sushi make sake taste similar to an elegant Japanese traditional sweet taste. Grilled egg has an elegant sweet umami coming from its multilayered egg that matches with sweet taste of the sake.


Salmon roe sushi paired with the Yamamoto. The sake has muscat aroma, and sweetness and bitter taste like grape also. Rich saltiness of the salmon roe make sake sourness round and sweetness grow.


This restaurant, serves every meal with crafted quality, and there is a good atmosphere which you can relax. As they have rich selection of alcohol other than sake, it opens up various pairing opportunities, at various occasions.

TAKU sushi & wagyu & craft bar
46 bukit pasoh road Singapore
TEL : +65-8321-3507

Operating Hours
18:00 - 23:00
Tue - Sat
12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00