Premium Sparkling Junmaidaiginjo - Brewer's Interview by Asahara Shuzo


Yaoshin shuzo is the brewery produced this quite differently sophisticated sparkling junmaidaiginjo. Once sipping it, the difference is obvious. Let's get to know how they design this sake.


Q. How's the freshly produced sake in this year?

Freshly produced sake nouveau tends to have something too appealing taste, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, dryness, astringency.

Q. Yaoshin shuzo has a strong commitment to Yamadanishiki brewery rice. How's the Yamadanishiki in this year?

Yamadanishiki in last year was a bit hard to melt and the volume of glucose was less than average. But, all the score is better than last year.


Q. It's refreshing and dry taste not just like the sake of SMV -12. How do you design this balance?

It's exactly the timing of pressing. The pressing is processed in the middle of moromi, when the fermentation is the most active.
To compare with the last part of moromi, alcohol content, SMV, and other parameters are more unstable. Therefore; it's very easy to fail if we miss the timing of pressing.

Q. This label is produced by the method called "in-bottle secondary fermentation" like champagne(non gas additive). How do you pay attention to produce this kind of sparkling sake?

The gas of sparkling sake tends to wrap the sweetness so that it's important to keep the SMV higher and create the best balance.


Q. How is the best way to enjoy this label?

Please enjoy this label on the special occasions as an aperitif. Of cause, it's nice to pair with plain dishes like grilled fish. Also, it surprisingly matches with desserts using fresh fruits.

Q. Please tell me your new challenges in this year.

During the brewing period, all the brewers test the quality and the progress of fermentation every week.