2 days trip to experience all the brewing process as one of a brewer and touch the spirit of sake culture

We believe some of you have been to Japan and visited breweries. It must have been a valuable experience to have a look around the brewery, talk with brewers and drink limited sake there. Especially, breweries gather in Kyoto, so that we can casually hop around several breweries.

However, don't you want to have a much deeper experience?

SAKEMARU starts the new project named "SAKEMARU BREWERY PROJECT" which will let sake lovers feel the sake culture much closer. By experiencing the entire process of brewing, you will have a much deeper understanding of sake. On top of that, you can feel and learn the long story behind a bottle of sake through working together with brewers and feeling the nature surrounding the brewery.


You are not just a guest, you are one of the new members of its brewery at the same time.

The sake you will involve in the brewing process will be bottled later. We prepare special labels for you. Please sign your name on the label, we will attach the label and stick it on the sake you produce and deliver it to your doorstep later.
This is purely your original sake which is impossible to find anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to standardize the sake culture outside of Japan and make it bloom beautifully. We have looked back to the mission and started this project.
We have one simple favor for all the attendees of this tour. Please tell what you feel and learn in this tour to the people as an ambassador of sake. We are sure that your voice will help to standardize the sake culture in your country.

As the next step of this project. we are planning the tour to experience rice-planting and cultivating and so forth. Rice is the most important ingredients for brewing sake.
Why don't you brew sake with the rice you grow and cultivate by yourself?? It should be an unforgettable experience.

Getting back to the 1st tour, SAKEMARU sake sommeliers will always stay and support with English and Mandarin. You don't need to worry about the language problems.

Lastly, April is the season of cherry blossoms in Japan. One of the most beautiful season while a year. The stage of brewing, Senkin brewery is located very near from Tokyo, it's just 1 hour by the express train.

Why don't you come to Japan to enjoy cherry blossom and have an unforgettable and exclusive experience!!?

Let's check the detail of tour and apply now!! Capacity is limited!!


[Deatail of tour]

① 3 - 4 April
② 4 - 5 April
*Please select a slot

10 PAX for each date

Senkin Brewery
106 Sakura-shi Tochigi, Japan
Since 1806


Senkin is one of the most famous rising brewery, which achieved Robert Parker point 92 in 2016. The current brewery owner is just 38 years old and used to work as a wine sommelier. Right after he just came back to the brewery in 2003, this renovation has been started.

Their previous style was typically dry and clean old school one. To differentiate themselves by the other breweries, they utilize the local natural resources 100% and shifted to the pure domaine style. Their feeling of respect for their local nature is extraordinary. They only use the rice grows in the rice field sharing the same water source with our brewery.

・Non member:$540(Nett)

- Transporation fee from Utsunomiya station to brewery, hotel, and back to Utsunomiya station
- Food(Lunch of 1st day, dinner and breakfast of 2nd-day )
- Sake for dinner party(Beer and other drinks are not included)
- Hotel(1 night)
- Sake brewing tour
- A bottle of sake you produce and delivery fee all the way to your house and tax
- Certification of brewing signed by owner of Senkin

[No include]
- Freight ticket to Japan and back
- Transportation fee to Utsunomiya Station
- Travel insurance
*Please book the freight by yourself
*We will help to purchase the train ticket to Utsunomiya station
*We will tell all the participants the local number you can reach out for any help
*Your sake will be delivered by the end of May
*If you want to have additional bottles of sake you produce, please fill in the form and tell us how many bottles you'd like to have
*If you want to arrive one day before, please feel free to tell us. We will arrange the accommodation.


・Day 1
7am:Arrive at Utsunomiya station, SAKEMARU staffs pick you and drive to the brewery
8am:Start brewing
5pm:End of brewing
6pm:Arrive the hotel
6:30pm:Start dinner party, toast with the freshly produced sake of Senkin

・Day 2
10am:Bus will take you to Utsunomiya station
*We will take all of the members to the brewery together, so please be aware not to be delayed

Nanpeidai Onsen
Located nearby beautiful Nachi river and its onsen, natural hot spring, is well-known as "Essence of beauty". The texture of onsen is very thick and mild and make your skin silky like a baby. There are 3 different hot springs to enjoy.


[Facility of room]
Bathroom, toilet, safe box, TV, pod, air conditioner, dryer
Yukata, toothbrush, towels, comb, hand soap, lotion, skin milk, hair tonic

①Credit card(Visa or master)
②Bank tansfer(Cover transferring fee on your side)
*Members can use the registered card


■Application period:
1 Feb - 20 Mar
*Payment has to be completed by 20 March
*Payment secures your seats

■How to apply:
Please fill in the form as follows and select the date and input special requests. After receiving the application form, we will send you the email including the URL for settlement. For people prefer the wire-transfer, we will send you the account information.

1 Feb - 28 Feb:Refund full amount
1 Mar - 15 Mar:No refund

1) Bring a casual and easy wear and shoes, brewing is hard work
2) Don't eat following foods a day before
- Fermented food(Natto, Miso, Cheese, pickles, yogurt and so forth)
- Food with strong flavor(Garlic, Kimchi, Leek and so forth)
*This is quite important, otherwise their sake will be dead
3) Take a shower and clean a day before, but don't use very fragrant shampoo and treatment
4) Don't wear hair gel, spray, treatment, hand cream manicure and so forth
5) Don't use very fragrant detergent to wash the clothes you wear on the day
6) Over 18 years old can join
7) Brewing is very tough work, so people need someone's support are difficult to join