Last Piece of Cloudy Sake Festival, Enter New Cloudy Sake "Oku"


As we announced before, New Cloudy Sake “Oku” has just been added in the lineup of cloudy sake festival.
This is the last sake for Cloudy Sake Festival and very unique as same as the other 2 labels.


Is this really sake? Once you sip this sake, you will have like this feeling. Attack is very transparent and clean which stands the fine quality of the brewery water. Refreshing citrus like aroma distinguishes the clearness more.
This sake contains little sake lees. Its amount is little but the yeast inside the sake lees is very active, so that sparklingness is stronger than regular cloudy sake. The sparklingness sometimes lasts long for 2 to 3 days even after opening the bottle. Please check the detail in Oku’s detail page.


Sonnoh Kuramoto the brewery produces "Oku" is located in front of the Mikawa bay in Aichi prefecture.
The current brewery owner Mr. Atsuo Yamazaki had to take over this brewery because of his father as previous brewery owner’s sudden death. He was just 36 y/o at that time.
When he took over the brewery, the sake market in Japan had greatly been changing. The government made sake's price liberalized and enabled super market and convenience store to sell sake.
With this change, the price competition started everywhere. The huge brewery mechanizing all the brewing process produced lots of low-grade sake and provided them to those discount stores at very cheap wholesale price.
It was very severe moment for small breweries like Sonnoh Kuramoto. Mr. Atsuo Yamazaki struggled for half year after took over. But the word of his father “Pursue the masterpiece” saved him.


They used to use the rice grows in north east of Japan. However, they drastically shifted all brewery rice to only local one in early 2003. They believe the shortcut to be the only one brewery is that local brewers brew sake with local rice and water.


His reorganization didn't stop here. Under their philosophy "Never compromise", they customized all the brewing method and tool to their own way. Sake is the gift from the natural environment, but it is also the gift from human, Even if we use the highest quality of rice and water, it is impossible to bring the potential out without the commitment and skill of brewers.
To combine these two thoughts together, they had nothing in but to customize all the brewing process to their natural environment. That is why their brewing process from material processing to bottling is very unique.

His reorganization had been succeeded, but they can't stop improving their method, since nature is changing even in this moment.

*The stock of TOKUBETSU JUNMAI LITTLE CLOUDY NAMA SHIROISHIZUKU was all out now. "Oku" will be offered for new subscribers.