Sake Lees For All The Members, Lunar New Year Promotion


Lunar new year is approaching!!
SAKEMARU will give sake lees to all the members as 紅包. This sake lees are produced in the process of brewing Daiginjo of Asahara shuzo, so they have the very fruity aroma and full flavor. Some of you may know the sake lees is usually only available in winter brewery season.

It is a by-product of sake brewing, which is left in the sake bag after pressing moromi and it’s recently been gathering attention due to its plentiful nutrient.

Let's check this article and know why sake lees are called "superfood"!!

Detail of Promotion


5 - 28 Feb 2018


●Member as of 15 Feb 2018
25 Feb 2018

●New members from 16 - 28 Feb 2018
25 Mar 2018

[How to Enjoy]

There are various ways to enjoy sake lees. Here are some samples to enjoy sake less. Also, you must check some sake lees recipe!

●Baked sake lees
Put some salt and olive oil and bake. Quick and easy but best pairing food for sake
●Sake lees marinated pork or chicken
Sake lees make meat very sort and add unique flavor on it. Normal baked pork and chicken will be very decent dishes.

●Miso soup with sake lees
Just need to mix sake lees with miso soup. Miso is also a fermented food. The combination is no doubt.

●Sake lees with cheese
As same as miso, cheese is also a fermented food. Why don't you mix sake lees and fresh cheese? Senseful dip sauce is instantly ready for serving.

●[Recipe]Sake lees and soy milk gratin
The gratin is usually very rich and oily due to lots of milk, cheese, and butter. With using soy milk and sake lees, taste becomes more natural and gentle with keeping its richness.

●[Recipe]Sake lees cheese cake
With adding sake lees in the cheese cake, sake’s decent scent comes after the milky scent influenced by cheese.