To offer more various and delicious sake and surprises, we will try to elevate ourselves to the next phase. It should be reflected to our mission "elevating the standard of sake to that of wine".

SAKEMARU BREWERY PROJECT we have announced a few days ago is a part of service renewal. 2nd one is the change of plan system. New plan system makes the choices of sake wider and easier to find out your favorite taste.
We are sure that more various types of sake will be delivered to you. Please check the detail as follows.

To gradually shift the plan system, we set the transition period. In this period, you can enjoy new plan without additional cost! You must check how it will be changed.

[3 types of plan]

①Junmai plan
②Junmaiginjo plan
③Junmaidaiginjo plan

・Select plans from following 3 choices
・Any combinations are all good
・Any single choice is also good



[Step of transition]

25 Feb 2018
Deliver Junmaiginjo plan's sake to special members
25 Mar 2018
Deliver Junmaiginjo plan's sake to special members
15 Apr 2018
End of the transition period, necessary to change your plan by 15 Apr, if you'd like to change. The change will be effective from the delivery of 25th April

*Change of new plan system will be accepted by 16 Mar


[Current Special Plan Members]

・In February and March, one of sake is automatically changed to Junmaiginjo without any additional cost
・For monthly plan members, your plan will be automatically transit to Junmai + Junmaiginjo plan from April
・For 6 months plan members, you can select either maintain the current Junmai+Junmai plan or transit to Junmai + Junmaiginjo plan from April to the end of your plan

[Other plan members want to try during the transition period]

・Change your plan to special plan
・Use re-order system to get the sake