SAKEMARU Office Meetup | Casual Sake Tasting and Basic Guidance


Are you wondering to subscribe SAKEMARU?
Are you worried about our sake quality, system?
Maybe, you are hesitating to subscribe because you are a sake beginner?

We will hold a very casual meetup at our office in Somerset.
The ticket is just $20(net) and you can appreciate 4 labels of sake, including Junmaidaiginjo and 1 special label we don't even offer to the members.

Also, our sake sommelier will teach the basics of sake and the service of sake. This is the great opportunity for the people interested in SAKEMARU and sake beginners.

On top of that, participants can taste our new product "Sake lees chocolate". Please enjoy the pairing between sake and special chocolate.

It's a casual meetup, so you can just stop by and grab some delicious sake before having dinner.
Of course, we are expecting our existing members to join and give a toast together!!

Seats are limited! So, let's get a ticket now from here!!


"Sake Lees Chocolate Bar"
Produced by fossachocolate

Made with sake kasu produced in the process of brewing Daiginjo - the highest grade of sake brewed by Asahara Shuzo, this bar is full of umami and fruity aroma with a creamy mouthfeel. The use of natural undeodorized Peruvian cacao butter lends a gentle kiss of cocoa aroma, finishing off with a touch of sea salt flakes for a well balanced delicate bar.

Event Detail

24 April / 7 - 8 pm
*If you don't need to listen the guidance, you can join late
$20(net)- Purchase here
10 PAX
- 4 different types of sake
- Lecture of Sake Basics
- Guidance of SAKEMARU's service
- Tasting of Sake lees chocolate
42 Emerald hill road 229318
*5 mins from Sommerset station