Aspiration of Sake: Recommended Sake for Beginners (Basic Edition)


Since I get to know a lot about Sake, most of my friends keep asking me a question of「How to choose Sake」.
Because the knowledge of sake is not yet been as popular and common as the other wine, most of the customers probably may choose sake based on their prices (the myth of one’s pocket depth or the more expensive the better), or their labels (appearance priority). It is really a pity that by using this “blind concept” to choose a sake that doesn’t match with your own taste or cuisine and destroy the first impression of sake.

I have listed three types of sake that suit for beginners who don’t drink very often or for women who prefer sake with sweet and fruity flavors, such as ume sake, yuzu sake, etc.
These Sakes have some typical characteristics in common: low alcohol content and mild flavor (savory taste mainly). Next time when you stop by Izakaya to have few drinks or want to take few sips at home while relaxing, you can have more choices of sake to try, and maybe you may fall in love with sake (well… I’m trying to make you give in to temptation..)


1. Puchi Puchi Sparkling Sake

ぷちぷち is the type of sake that is produced by using the technology of in-bottle fermentation which has been awarded as the best sake for a party at the Annual Japan Sake Awards 2009. Because of its cute naming (PUCHI PUCHI) based on the sound of bubbles popping and also the adorable design of mascot for this sake, making it a popular sake among women.



This sake has the Sake Meter Value (SMV) between -19~-21, with a balanced taste between refreshing acidity and savory mild flavors, brings out a combination of a sweet and sour flavor of true love. The sour flavor in the middle with simple ending aftertaste created a fresh and clean atmosphere.
Because of rice sediment at the bottom of the bottle, it is recommended to drink half the bottle of it first, then shake it to mix them well. By doing this, you can enjoy two different flavors of this sake, making it a real pleasure moment of drinking. You can also drink it chilled, with soft fizziness and refreshing acidity, make this sake suitable to drink before a meal as an appetizer.


The other type of Puchi Sake, called Ume Puchi Plum Sake, also the type of sake that will make every woman fall in love with it, especially with the adorable mascot with plum blossoms design on its head. Perhaps, Suehiro Sake Brewery should consider selling merchandise for this Puchi sake that will bring up a new rage on the market.

Type of Yeast: Nos. 901,M-310
SMV: -19 - 21
Acidity level: 1.2-1.4
Amino Acid Rate: 0.4-0.6
Alcohol Content: 7-8%
Corporation:Suehiro Sake Brewery (Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Pref)
Serving Temperature: 5℃- 10℃


2. Kitaguni No Koibito Sake

Kitaguni No Koibito is the type of sake with sweet and fruity flavor. The color of this sake is clear, extremely alike with Morinaga fruit candies that we usually see in the market, which also appeared in the movie of「Grave of the Fireflies」


Although this sake is considered as extremely sweet (SMV: 66) with 8% of low alcohol content, this sake also brings a slight taste of sour in the middle of sweet flavor that helps in balancing the overall mouth-feel to make it refreshing.

After drinking this sake, the aromatic sweet and fruity flavor, slightly umami flavor in the ending aftertaste, and a perfect balance of sweet and acidity makes you feel like you are just having a taste of juicy lychee or rambutan, fresh and fragrant in your mouth.

SMV : -66
Alcohol Content: 8%
Corporation:Sakuragao Brewery (Morioka, Iwate Pref)
Serving Temperature: 5℃- 10℃


3. Choyo Fukumusumeさくらさくら

This naming of「Choyo Fukumusume」was based on the joy of Iwasaki family to give birth to the daughter and also to pray for full graces on descendants of Iwasaki family. The color of this sake is as yellow and clear as autumn dandelions, spreading a pleasing scent of cherry, and at the end brings up a cotton candy and syrup-like flavor of sweetness.

It tastes both sweet and smooth in your mouth, also the acidity of this sake taste slightly sweet and balance. The flavor of cherry and other fruity flavors start to spread in your mouth after your first sip, also the sweet and romantic flavor of clear syrup, creating an atmosphere of fruit candies. The strong flavor of umami spreads out quickly, leaving this refreshing flavor in your mouth.
The middle to the short aftertaste, proving the freshness level of this sake. Because of its strongly sweet flavor, it is recommended to serve this sake cold as an appetizer. You can also drink this sake at moderate temperature with Asian cuisine that tastes sweet and sour, such as sweet and sour sauced pork chops, pineapple shrimp balls, etc.

Type of Rice:100% Seitono Shizuku Rice
Water Source : Abu River Dam
Type of yeast : Sakura Flower Yeast
Polishing Rate : 70%
SMV : -30
Acidity : 1.95
Alcohol Content : 9.3%
Chief of brewery:Minamino Kiyomi
Corporation : Iwasaki Brewery Co., Ltd (Hagi City, Yamaguchi Pref)
Serving Temperature : below 15℃