Classic Japanese Cuisine from Historic Restaurant in Ginza Tokyo, You Can Drink SAKEMARU's Rare Sake!

Introduce a newly started restaurant “Kacyo(花蝶)” in Bukit Pasoh Road, which you can drink SAKEMARU rare sake.
Kacyo started in Ginza Tokyo in 1927. It used to be a very closed and classic Japanese style restaurant which only privileged class people such as CEOs of famous company, prime ministers or movie stars can visit. Besides, Kacyo was used as a reception hall to treat the precious guests from oversea. Photographs of some great historical figures such as Chaplin, Walt Disney and the other big stars are still hanging on the wall of Kacyo Ginza.
As Japan got westernized, Kacyo transformed themselves to a modern Japanese restaurant with keeping their classic essence.


To offer same dishes in same quality as restaurant in Ginza does, they mainly serve vegetables and seafood from Japan, and train their cooking skill under instructions of head chef, Mr. Yamashita, in Ginza.


Please visit here and enjoy the marriage of real Japanese cuisine using seasonal materials and seasonal limited sake from SAKEMARU.
Ms. Yasuko who is a qualified sake sommelier will help you to choose sake to pair with their fine dishes.


MENU|Special Lunch Set

1.Assorted Appetizers


- Beef Shigureni|牛しぐれ煮
Well simmered beef by dashi soup melts at just a moment I put it in the mouth.


- Ear Sell Liver Source|あわび肝ソース
It is surprisingly reasonable, we can enjoy ear sell in this price. Slightly bitter liver source brings ear sell's natural saltiness out.


- Ikura steam-egg custard|いくら茶碗蒸し
This ikura is super fresh! Each tiny cluster of ikura is very elastic. When I squash them between hard palate and tongue, the rich ikura juice pops out vigorously. The ikura juice matches with soft and smooth steam -egg custard.

2.Assorted Sashimi 2 Kinds


Both salmon and scallop are fresh and of course fished in Japan.

3.Japan Beef Steak


I love wagyu but sometimes it's too oily. The balance between fat and lean meat is one of the key criteria to define the quality of wagyu.
This plain seasoning wagyu steak has less fat, so that we can enjoy the umami of lean meat well. I think wasabi is one of the best partner of wagyu. Wasabi makes the oiliness decreased and meat's umami more emphasized.

4.Inaniwa Udon

Carefully extracted umami from dashi is impressive. It is very easy to drink up. I know it’s not too good for my health.



Macha ice with bean‐jam‐filled wafers

MENU|Assorted Sushi Lunch Set

Assorted Sushi
*Ikura steam-egg custard and Inaniwa Udon are also inclusive.


Kacyo has a sushi chef. The thickness of sushi rice is not too soft or too hard, it’s just well-balanced. As I wrote above, ikura is just nice and the chewy texture of red snapper reminds me super fresh red snapper I ate in Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.

Here in Singapore, Kacyo is rare restaurant you can enjoy such a classic and fine Japanese cuisine made with Japanese ingredients in very reasonable price.
Why don't you come over here to enjoy special food and conversation with sake sommelier, Ms.Yasuko. She will tell you a lot about sake.

Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant Kacyo
46 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089858
OPEN HOUR:12:00 - 14:30 / 18:00 - 23:00