Tamaya Offers Wide Variety of Japanese Food! You Can Drink SAKEMARU's Rare Sake!

Introduce a restaurant offers SAKEMARU’s limited sake.
Tamaya Dinning located in Cuppage Plaza has a wide variety of Japanese food from sushi to simple izakaya menu.
They import the seasonal fresh ingredients from Japan every week and Japanese chef with 34 years’ experience creates a classic Japanese cuisine.


Baby squid with yuzu source, marinade spinach, stewed shell and tofu skin. Fishy smell of squid is totally gotten rid by fresh yuzu source and bring the richness of liver out very much.


Asparagus wrapped in beef

April to June is the season of asparagus. It is very fresh and juicy and fat! At the moment you have a bit, a lot of asparagus juice mixed with beef juice fills your mouth.


Japanese pork and potato stew

It's a simple home cook menu but well stewed with carefully produced dasi, so that the taste is very sophisticated and gentle.


Seafood bomb(Bakudan)

Drop the bomb on your tongue!! Mix Uni, tobiko, minced tuna, leek and picked reddish and roll it with a toasted laver. Your mouth is filled with rich oceanic vibes.


Horse meat sashimi

You can see the freshness of the horse meat from its vivid pink color. Melting point of horse meat is lower than other meat, it’s around 35 degrees.
As soon as I put the sashimi on my tongue, the high-quality horse fat melts quickly by just my temperature. It is short but supreme moment.


Assorted sashimi

Today’s assorted sashimi is Kinmedai, Tai, Hirame and Kisu. Especially, I am into the lightly broiled kinmedai.
The salmon pink color of meat proves the freshness. Silky smooth meat easily disintegrates in our oral cavity and the rich sweetness spreads on your tongue.


Japanese cuisine TAMAYA DINING

45 Cuppage Road Cuppage Terrace Singapore 229464

Mon to Sat 6.00pm to 11.30pm LO.
Sun & PH  4.00pm to 10.30pm LO.

・Sushi counter 
Tue to Sat 6:00pm to 1:00amLO
Sun & PH 4:00pm to 10:30pm LO