Summer Limited Sake Tasting & Workshop Thu, 18 Aug, 2016 at 7:00 PM


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On 18 August, we will have a sake tasting and workshop.

It will be on Thursday 18 August 7pm at the Hive Singapore (59 New Bridge Rd, Singapore) with a selection of 5 summer limited sake from SAKEMARU and some light meals for pairing. We bring some limited sake not offered even in SAKEMARU.

1. Sake tasting workshop with tasting sheet and aroma kit
2. Tips to enjoy sake(How to make nice warm sake)
3. Pairing with light meal(5 glasses of summer limited sake)

Member:$43 nett(At door $48)
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Non Member:$48 nett(At door $53)

Do not miss seasonal limited sake and enjoy learning sake culture! If you have any questions, feel free to contact through website.

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1.Sake Tasting Sheet

SAKEMARU original sake tasting sheet helps growing your range of expression to describe the taste of sake. By knowing how to enjoy and tell the diffenrence of taste, we are able to enjoy sake more and increase the rate to meet the favorite label.


2. Sake Aroma Kit

This aroma kit is provided by Aromaster which is one of the most famous aroma kit producer in the world. Lots of popular sommeliers use and praise the quality.


3. How to make warm sake

Warm sake is very good for you health. Also, the taste is totally different to the cold one. You might think it's difficult to make warm sake at your home, however it is not that very difficult.
In this workshop, sake sommelier shows how to make warm sake and explain which type of sake is suitable for warm sake.
*In this workshop, sake sommelier gaves you a lecture about sake. The topic is diferent by each time.

Seasonal limited sake only for Summer

After brewery season in Winter, Sake nouveau is matured in brewery. In Summer, a few months matured unpasteurized sake appears in the market. The taste turns to be little softer and smoother. Well-balanced summer limited sake is suitable for hot summer.


We will bring a new sake not offered in SAKEMARU. Junmaiginjo Arabashiri from Azumatsuru Shuzo, which is one of the brewery offers August limited sake.




Thursday, 18 August 2016 from 19:00 to 21:00 (SGT)

the Hive Singapore - 59 New Bridge Road, 059405