WILD ROCKET - A local style fusion restaurant


SAKEMARU will introduce restaurants offers beautiful foods and sake marriage.

Local style fusion restaurant. The restaurant locates at the top of the mount Emily hill.
Creative food is produced by up and coming chef Willis Low. Interior is done by local designer produce.

The design consists of interlocked timber pieces filtering both natural and artificial light. Also there is a unique idea to store cutleries inside tables. I would recommend to visit there in special occasions or dating.
Unfortunately, nowadays there are many customers with young children often being too noisy.

Average cost for food at night is around 100SGD per person, and lunch is around 40SGD. If you would like to taste the standard of the restaurant, I recommend take lunch set. Within a pasta menu, you could try Laksa Pesto linguine. There is a surprising marriage of local coconut based source laksa and pesto that goes well with linguine.

Iberico prok char siew


One of the main dish, is covered by thin layer of rice dough. When you tear the layer, steam of char siew aroma appears. This char siew is extremely tender and by wrapping it with cloth, adds chewy texture.

Wild rocket strawberry cheese cake

It is something extraordinary. Deconstructed strawberry cheese cake placed in a cocktail glass. Once you scoop the cake, every deconstructed layers, like dough, strawberry, cheese, assembles on your tongue.

If I were to raise one minus point to the food is their use of spice. It probably be little too spice. So someone who is not familiar with spice should be careful what to order there. Drink menu is rich, especially their good wine selections. Notably, they also have few but unique Japanese sake selections, including infamous sake, Dassai.

45 Cuppage Road Cuppage Terrace Singapore 229464

Operating Hours
Tues - Sat: 12 - 3pm (Last Seating: 2pm)

Mon - Sat: 6.30 - 10.30pm (Last Seating: 9.30pm)
Wed: Corkage free (not applicable for events)