Ryu's - “Sake must be Junmai, hot sake is even better!” by Hiroshi Uehara

Recently in Singapore, there are many historical buildings renovated for new use. One of the old theater at the city center turn into Capitol piazza where there are full of old established stores. At the corner of the Capitol piazza, there is a izakaya called Ryu's. Originally, Ryu’s departed from established izakaya in Tokyo called “Shinpachi”.


Whenever you visit Ryu's, there is always seasonal decoration at the shopfront brings scent of four season to this tropical island. Interior mainly consists of timber that create relaxing atmosphere. There is a quote of Sake master Hiroshi Uehara on a wall “Sake must be Junmai, hot sake is even better!”, that make us understand their passion for sake.


Some sake lover visits here alone, it is good to visit with few people to drink or casual meetings. At the second floor, there is a space for twenty people to gather for private party and events. It is worth to check their Facebook page occasionally, as Ryu's sometimes hold special events to invite celebrated sake breweries from Japan.


Any dish you choose has a sense of seasons, and for this quality of food, the cost is reasonable. You can choose from economical mini plate course to full course that shall not exceed more than 150SGD with drinks. Menu changes often.

If you become a regular customer could enjoy special dishes. One of their signature dish is anglerfish hot pot won semi grand prix at japanese tv show.

Anglerfish known as nothing to waste in cooking, there are so called seven items of anglerfish cooked with its liver with Rumiko sake, then stewing with special miso.

Anglerfish’s rich and sweet meat, blends with mild bitter taste sake and gentle miso taste. Eat it with warmed Junmai sake Shinkame, aged sweet, bitter and rich taste make perfect marriage with hot pot.


To complete your meal, you can have risotto with the soup or go for hidden menu sake lees cheese soufflé. Using sake lees of Shinkame, that goes well with Junmai sake Shinkame brings deep sweetness.


Temperature of sake controlled by hot sake master Mr. Sakuma has perfect control. Said, cold sake is main stream at oversea of Japan. Also, hot sake has a prejudice to be treated as cheap sake. We would like to offer hot sake and food with high quality abroad and decided to open the izakaya in Singapore.

Every sake we offer are from sake breweries that we have direct contact with, and we would like you to feel the passion of the sake breweries.


Hot sake is the root of sake culture, taste change depends on temperature, every time I taste sake, I understand that sake is literary alive. If you would like to enjoy sake like this, I strongly push this izakaya.

Stamford Rd, Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178884

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