Grilled chicken meatball with Nori Seaweed, Pairing with Aotenjo -青天井-


Aotenjo's taste is complex but very subtle, so that food to pair should be simple taste.
Its fresh floral aroma surprisingly matches with seaweed's salt tang of the sea, and we can enjoy unique after flavor.


・200g Chicken breast
・3 Tbsp Leek
・1 Tbsp Miso
・1 Egg
・1 Tbsp Sake
・1/4 Tbsp Salt
・1 Seaweed
・Grated Radish
・Grated Ginger

How to cook

1.Mince chicken breast
2.Mix with egg, miso, sake and solt
3.Add leek
4.Put it on seaweed
3.Heat oil in a frying pan and fry them
4.Cut them and dish-up