The Crossroad of Eastern and Western Sake Culture From “FUKUI” with Love - November Special -


*Present Fukui’s traditional food Heshiko to all of SAKEMARU members*

Fukui prefecture is located in the middle of main island and facing Japan sea. Japan is roughly divided by 8 area such as Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku, Kanto, Chubu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Owing to the position of Fukui prefecture, each one has a different opinion against the area where Fukui belongs to. This fact proves that Fukui is located in crossroad of eastern and western Japan. There are 35 breweries, which is 18th largest, in Fukui ’s small land, which is 34th largest.

Beautiful Rice Field Facing Ocean

Why did ancestors choose Fukui as the place to brew sake?
That is simply come from its climate and abundant nature. Let’s deepdive into Fukui’s unique sake world!!

Climate and Nature

Fukui is the 2nd largest production place of famous brewery rice brand “GOHYAKUMANGOKU” which stands the sake brewing of Tohoku area, such as Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui. In the same time, its climate is relatively warmer than the other prefectures, so that some brewery rice mainly produced in western Japan like “YAMADANISHIKI” is also grown in Fukui.

Haku Mountain

All the brewery in Fukui benefits from the holy mountain “Haku “. 2,702m height Haku Mauntain is one of the highest in this area and designated as national park due to its abundant nature.
Tons of snow lies thick on the the mountain and its meltwater flows into Kuzuryu river which is the largest in Fukui. Kuzuryu river has plentiful underground water source and breweries in Fukui use its crystal clear water which contains some amount of mineral.

Spring Water of 三場坂清水

Characteristic of Sake

Taste of sake produced in eastern Japan tends to be drier and lighter than that from western Japan. Especially, sake produced in Hokuriku area represents dry sake in Japan. Contrary to eastern sake, the taste of western sake tends to be richer and sweeter. The nature of brewery rice produced in each area and dietary culture is effected to this difference.

As stated before, Fukui is located in crossroad of eastern and western Japan. Sake of Fukui has the best of both eastern and western sake’s nature.

Fukui’s most famous Kokuryu Shuzo(黒龍酒造)

Attack is very smooth and clear, in the same time we can enjoy very rich umami and pleasant sweetness influenced by high-quality rice. After taste is clean and dry like typical eastern sake.

Each prefecture has each special characteristic. Let’s taste sake produced in different prefectures and find the tendency. That will help you to meet your brand-new favorite sake.

Heshiko Present


Heshiko is Fukui’s traditional food which is fish pickled by Koji for about half year. To preserve fish during the winter, our ancestors came up with this special method.
Its taste is smoky and salty and rich. That should be the best partner of 6 month matured rich Hiyaorishi. Several pieces of Heshiko is included in the delivery for November. Please enjoy with our special Hiyaoroshi!


Image:越前かに問屋 ますよね

How to eat
1. Remove Koji from Heshiko
2. Grill it a bit
3. Ready to eat!

25 November
*Include in November delivery

2 Breweries in Fukui Offer Nov Special Sake



This brewery located in the middle of rice field has more than 160 years history. The 46s generation Takeshi Yasumoto hired the previous brew master of Kokuryu shuzo which is one of the most prestigious brewery in Japan and learnt the essence of its brewing. Currently, he took over his role and started to inject his unique idea and essence and create original style.

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Located close by north east part of Kuzuryu river which is the simbol of Fukui prefecture. The beautiful water is the basement of this brewery. We try to produce the best sake pair with food, so that its texture is smooth, attack is clear. The specialty of current brew master is blending. By blending sake produced with different brewery rice, try to make the ideal taste happen.

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Fukui Brewery Map