2 Restaurants Focusing on Interpretation of Japanese Sake Culture - KURAMA, YOI -



Nearby my work place, there is a compound of Japanese restaurant called Japan Food Street. Over there I found a new sake spot called YOI.
At their shopfront there are bottles of premium sake and Japanese armor made of origami.
When I walked into the sake bar, I saw a wall paint of Godzilla drinking sake, and column full cut-out from manga.
They have around 50 brands of sake in the fridge.


There is a robatayaki (Japanese charcoal BBQ) restaurant called KURAMA at the back side of the bar.
KURAMA has different atmosphere from YOI. Space is rather warm with timber finishes, long timber counter and many paper lanterns hanging from ceiling.
It somehow reminds me of how 80s Hollywood movie captured Japan.


Owner of the restaurant, Raymond said, he study in Tokyo for two years and the idea for this interior came from his memory of staying in Shinjuku.
I have personal interest how local people interpret Japanese culture.
Owner Max , Chef from hong kong was thinking to create a place for knowing more and more new friends.
Max and Raymond are aiming for fusion of Japanese tradition and local culture.
But of course there are differences in sense of taste. As 80 percent of their customers are local and rest is Japanese, they adjust the taste depends on the customer.


I am not too sure which taste I was served with
First sake was Asabiraki Junmai. It has Light aroma of oak with bland acid and bitterness.
Kagoshima wagyu grill with a hint of miso source went well with taste of sake.
Their performance for serving food is entertaining.
Cooked food is served on a long timber spatula from counter.


Second sake was Ozeki Junmai Daiginjo. It has a strong sweetness, and then mild bitter taste follows. Grilled sweet pepper went well with its sweet and sour taste.
I have tried few other dishes, one I recommend is grilled razor calm with butter, garlic, soy source and chilli went well with rich sweet and bitter taste of sake, Hakurakusai.
For japanese, it is an interesting experience to enjoy Japanese fusion and for local people, there is a kind of friendly environment that makes you feel at home.

9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-07 039596 Singapore

Operating Hours
Mon - Sat
12:00pm - 02:00pm
06:00pm - 11:45pm