[Tie Up with WATTENTION] SAKE Culture Project


The new project started on this February!
SAKEMARU ties up with one of the most popular local free paper “WATTENTION” delivers daily the freshest news on what’s in season of Japan, and introduce the sake culture on it.

It is said that SAKE has over 2,300 years-history. SAKE is deeply related to Japanese culture and its spirit. Through thousands of years, so many stories and manners and events had been cultivated.
Besides, the production process of SAKE is very unique in comparison with the other alcohol.


By knowing those information and knowledge, you will enjoy sake more than ever. Moreover, you can host your own sake tasting party and entertain your friends. In tight cooperation with WATTENTION, we are going to undercover the mystery of SAKE every month.
You also have chance to get a bottle of our monthly special sake with just liking WATTENTION's Facebook page. Please don't miss this oppurtunity.

Stay tuned!!