Steamed Miso Marinated Pork, Pairing with Okuharima - 奥播磨 -


As you may know miso is also fermented food, so that it should be a best pairing partner. Okuharima's rich taste amplifies the miso marinated pork flavor.

Moreover, the firm sourness makes inside of the mouth refresh. Yamahai brewing style makes this rich x rich pairing happen.


・250g sliced pork ribs
・80g Enoki
・60g Leeks
・4 Tbsp Miso
・1.5 Tbsp Soy sauce
・2 Tbsp Sake
・2 Tbsp Mirin
・1 Tsp Grated garlic
・200ml Water

How to cook

1.Combine miso, soy sauce, mirin, sake and garlic with pork rib
2.Rub for 1 min
3.Wrap enoki, sliced pork rib and leeks with foil
4.Steam it for 7~10mins
5.Add leeks on the top