Dassai Bar - one of the representative Sake of today

Along the high street of Singapore, inside Wisma Atria, there is the Japan Food Town.
This food town is supported by the Japanese government for promoting Japanese food culture to locals.
Among these newly introduced Japanese restaurants, Dassai Bar is the highlight in the town.


Dassai is known to be innovator in Sake industry, fine milling of sake rice through centrifugal separation, high production quantity, quality control without Toji (master sake brewer), and only producing Junmai Daiginjo.
Sake created through this process is not like ordinary factory product but more like an artifact.
Dassai has been used for diplomacy also as our current PM is from Yamaguchi prefecture where Dassai originated from.
Dassai without a question, is one of the representative Sake of today.


Dassai bar has a simple and relaxing atmosphere with, dim light, stucco wall, and timber counter.
All the Sake they offer is, of course Dassai. Food menu is to match with their sake.
Also, customers are allow to bring food within Japan Food Town, karaage is the most popular bringing food by the way.


First, I had their most premium Sake, Sonosakie.
Elegant matured melon like aroma, then sharp yet transparent melty sweetness explodes around upper part of oral, numbness slowly continues until the end of Throat.
Pairing with sweet shrimp blend with sake sweetness.
It reminds me of porcelains in the museum of oriental ceramic in Osaka or a memory of having a date with a movie actress has ideological beauty.


After having amazing Dassai 23 and Dassai 39 (milled to 23 percent and 39 percent),
I paired Dassai 39 sparkling with Dassai rice cake made with 39 percent milled rice.
Aroma of lactic acid, soft sweet sourness, mild numbness, and slight roughness on tongue.
it is easy to drink and the rice cake make flavorful match with its saltiness and umami. It was the best match of the day!


Lastly, had a SJ50 celebrating Dassai sling.
There is a sweet aroma of Sakura and calvados, it helps to stand out taste of Dassai 50.
I paired the sling with Dassai cake made with Dassai 50.
It has sake sweetness and bit of herb like taste, and its sake sweetness matched with the cocktail.
This bar open in limited period only. I must mention that Dassai sling can only taste in this bar.
It is definitely the best place in Singapore to get to know Dassai.
And if you are already the Dassai lover, you could try food in the bar or bringing food from Japan Food Town for exploration.

Dassai Bar
Level 04 Japan Food Town, Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, 238877

Operating Hours
Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

[Dassai Website]