Baked Heshiko, Miso Marinated Cheese and Pickled Yolk, Pair with Kitanosho -北の庄-


Kitanosho is very calm and generous sake. It will make you relaxed and blow your stress away.

Simple but decent foods will make you feel more relaxed and happy. Heshiko has already seasoned with Koji and Miso and some spices. Just baking is good enough. Cheese is always a good partner of sake. Just marinating with miso makes cheese more attractive.


・4 eggs
・3 Tbsp soy sauce
・1 Tbsp Mirin
・60g cream cheese
・30g miso
・2 Tbs sugar
・1 Tbsp mirin
・1/8 Heshiko

How to cook

1.Combine soy sauce and mirin
2.Put only yolk in the sauce and rest for 2 days in the fridge
3.Combine miso, sugar and mirin
4.Spread the sauce on the wrap and put cream cheese on
5.Put sauce on cream cheese and wrap it and rest it for 2 days in the fridge
6.Bake Heshiko for 2 mins quickly