Beginning of New Brewery Year, Appreciate Vivrant Sake Nouveau / December Special


Cold winter finally brought the brewery season in this year as well. As you may know, normally sake breweries produce sake once a year in winter season. Right after pressing, sake starts to mature. This brewery season is only chance to enjoy freshly produced sake nouveau.

The taste of sake nouveau is fresh and fruity, sometimes sparkling owing to its very active yeast.Richness is less than Autumn limited Hiyaoroshi, however the freshness is definitily worth to try.

SAKEMARU start to offer special sake nouveau from December. We will probably offer Winter limited sake nouveau until April. Let's celebrate new brewery year with sake nouveau!!

Besides, there is an unique tradition related to brewery season. Let's talk about "Sugidama".



Some of you might have seen a green ball in Japan or pictures. It's produced with Japanese cedar(Sugi).Currently, some Japanese izakaya display this ball in the entrance, however this is originally used in breweries.

Sugidama is used to announce the release of sake nouveau each year. The color of plant is gradually turing to brown. This ball is changed once a year when they release sake nouveau, so that it can be the barometer of maturing of sake.


Love this kind of nonverbal and elegant tradition. If you find the Sugidama in front of restaurant, it might be the sign of start of offering sake nouveau. Just do hesitate and step into the restaurant and check if they have sake nouveau!