Echigotei is a great place to enjoy specialties and Sake from Niigata



Cappage terrace, where businessmen gather after work for eating and drinking. In the middle of the Cappage terrace, there is a Japanese restaurant called “Echigotei”. It has simple yet warm atmosphere welcoming customers.
This restaurant is an oversea branch of the old established restaurant from Niigata prefecture. Interior of the restaurant is designed in an authentic Japanese style with timber finishes. Many customers are Japanese businessmen with their colleagues drinking comfortably.


I had Honjozo sake “Kiminoi” from Niigata. It has a mild sweet aroma, honey like bittersweetness at the front end of tongue, then feel umami at the upper oral, and taste travel through my throat. First plate I had was a smoked octopus from Hokkaido. Its smoky flavor takes away octopus smell, and adding umami taste.
You can eat it as it is, with lemon, soy source or wasabi as well. Next dish was Bakurai (salted sea cucumber guts) from Miyagi prefecture. It has thick texture with sweet umami that help to focus sweet taste of sake.


Yakitori sets consist of asparagus wrapped by black pork belly and grilled chicken was marvelous. I felt profound umami from all of them, especially chicken has delicate texture, and perfectly grilled. The chef said no growth inhibitor is used for chicken meat.


Every plate I had in here has an amazing taste and freshness that goes well with Sake. Also these plates are nicely decorated that brings sense of season. And I must mention that this restaurant makes many efforts in choosing their ingredients - rice, soy source, sushi vinegar and rice are all identical to what they offer in Niigata. This is a great place to enjoy specialties and Sake from Niigata prefecture.
I can recommend this restaurant at any occasions for joyful sake delight.


35 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace, Singapore 229459
+65 6333 4633

Operating Hours
Daily: 5pm-12am(L.O.1130pm)